Hello, my name is Debbie Norris.  I live in Gloucester, England, and have been an ME sufferer since 1989.

Everytime I read stories about ME and my fellow sufferers, the emphasis is nearly always on the negative - understandably so, but there is nothing more depressing than reading about the poor state we're all in, so I wanted to build a website that would tell it like it is, but also emphasise the positive for a change.

I do believe that focussing on the positive is the only way to feel better about yourself, however healthy or unhealthy you may feel.  And that applies to non-ME sufferers, too.  There is a positive, if you look hard enough.  Keep on looking.

Coping and healing
Fandom as a Healer!
Studying with ME
Progres Report up to March 2002

Click here for my most recent update, created in May 2005.

As of April 2006, I have a  blog in which I will make regular updates, on health, healing, and any thing else that touches my life.  I am unlikely to update this website in the future, as my blog should continue my story.

Visit my Care2 photo galleries:   Trees and Seas Sunsets  and  Images of Italy.  If you like them, please use them for E-cards.  Every time somebody uses Care2, the site sponsors donate money to charity.  Here's a thumbnail selection.
Visitor at Sunset
River Tiber
Apple Harvest

Many of my photos are also suitable for downloading as wallpaper.

If you would like to email me, you can find me at debbieinengland@care2.com.

I have two other websites:  one is an appreciation of a film about the life and times of Henry Purcell, England, My England, directed by Tony Palmer and starring Michael Ball and Simon Callow;  the other is Alone Together, about a show created by Michael Ball for the Divas at the Donmar season, 2001.

Many thanks to Jo Turner who didn't gasp in horror when she realised what I meant by scanning a 'few' photos.  Bless you, Jo.  Thanks also to Marilyn Knoke and Kerstin Wöhlgemuth for allowing me to use some of their pictures.

I support Care2.com, WSPA  and The Hunger Site, websites which provide funds for environmental and health charities. You can make a difference, simply by clicking on these links.

If you would like to know more about ME/CFS check out the information and links at the Gloucester City ME Group and UPSCM.


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